Date: Dec 29th, 2018

Time: 0900-2100 EST (1300-0200z)

12 Hours During Christmas​

VATCAN presents 12 Hours During Christmas, and we’re inviting you! It’s our premier and an inaugural event that we hope will continue year after year. We’re opening up all of our airspaces starting at 9 AM Atlantic Standard Time that’s 13:00 Zulu in a staggered fashion for 12 hours. What that means is you can enjoy full coverage across all of Canada for at least 8 hours.
So drag out your favourite piece of tin get her in the air, and we’ll be there to safely guide you and your piece of tin from departure to arrival and all points within. Schedule your flight strategically though to reap the benefits of full ATC coverage Coast To Coast. We’re going to try and convince some of our friends in our surrounding regions such as  Alaska, Greenland and parts of the USA to join the fun. We sure hope to see you there!
Each Of Our FIR’s will open as follows:
Moncton/Gander and Oceanic at 9 AM AST – 13:00z
Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton Radio (FSS) at 9 AM EST – 14:00z
Winnipeg at 9 AM CST – 15:00z
Edmonton at 9 AM MST – 16:00z
Vancouver at 9 AM PST –  17:00z
All FIR’s will close at 9 PM local time respectively, with the event ending with Vancouver’s closing at 05:00z on Sunday, December 30, 2018. (Edmonton FSS will close at the same time as Vancouver)