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Fantastic Service!

I’m a VATSIM pilot, but actually a real world ATC at Toronto ACC. The service offered by you guys is always incredible. Knowledgeable, accurate and very professional. Keep it up!

Sam S
August 6, 2020

Unbeatable brilliance

I and many other Alpacas flew out of Toronto en route to Chicago today. The ATC was excellent the whole time, every position that was filled was taken with serious dedication. Everyone managed to handle a huge wave of flying Alpacas with ease. Amazing service and I will be coming again.

Ozzy Tasci
July 11, 2020

Great service

Thanks for providing a great flight for me and my colleagues on our group flight with alpaca airways. Will fly with you again soon.

Paul Shoesmith
July 11, 2020

Great service

The ATC was great, super realistic. The controllers are helpful and super kind. Thanks for the really nice coverage Cheers

Adam Be
July 11, 2020


A bunch of alpacas with the flightdeck2sim community had a great experience today flying from Toronto to Chicago. Polite, professional and helpfull ATC all the way, and great service for all pilots, regardless of experience! Keep it up 😀

Lars Hegerholm
July 11, 2020


One evening last last week, I noticed it was busy at CYYZ and area. I’m still very much learning, so I took the opportunity to park a plane at CYTZ and listen in to ATC in Canada’s busiest airspace. I spent about 45 minutes listening to procedures switching between APP/DEP and CTR. Then, during a… Read more “Helpful!”

Jay Lawrence
June 24, 2020

Great ATC at Toronto!

Everybody tonight was excellent! Absolutely smooth experience

Joel P Arndt
May 26, 2020

Great ATC from Toronto Pearson and CTR!

Absolutely fantastic ATC out of Toronto Pearson and departure / center frequencies! Thank you so much!

Ramon Reyes
May 17, 2020

Great TWR Controller – Ben Falsetto

Excellent handling the traffic in CYYZ even at his first time! Clear instructions and clearances!

Sam Gualdoni
May 13, 2020

Cross The Prairies feedback

First things first, a massive shoutout to everyone involved in the event last night. A great event, great pilots and fantastic ATC all over. More specifically Mr. Anthony Belliveau on APP. He took all the arrivals by himself (with the aid of the CTR Controller as well) but he did an amazing job keeping everyone… Read more “Cross The Prairies feedback”

Riad Mohamed
May 3, 2020

Toronto to Boston

All controllers at YYZ did an excellent job during this event especially with the ground holds at Boston. I found every controller professional and helpful. I would comeback even if I have to do another 1 hour and 45 min ground hold. =P.

Edward Frisch
April 18, 2020

First IFR

Due to COVID-19, IFR courses are cancelled. I thought I’d give flying into YYZ a try. Amazing experience! CTR/APR/TWR/GND were all online and provided great service and assistance if I needed it. 100% will Fly again!

Ryan C.
April 12, 2020

CTP feedback

Excellent handling of the large traffic during CTP-W 2020. The vectors on point and great handling from enroute to ground. AZG331

Kristoffer Rivedal
April 5, 2020

Professional Level ATC

Recently I enjoyed a professional level ATC service at Toronto Centre! Dean Roy and Ben Stevenson really helped complete my flight! I really enjoy my flights in and out of my home airport! Thanks for helping to create a great Canadian VATSIM experience!

Joshua Cassim
March 12, 2020

A great CYYZ ground controller

On February 8th at around 1400z I flew from CYYZ.
The controller was very pleasant and polite, and was very helpful.
He didn’t mind reading the clearance a few times.
Thank you Dor!

Omer Cohen
February 9, 2020

Great Service, thanks again!

Really great service all they way, and a really nice Ground Controller (Dylan Bobb) too. 10/10 Would fly to again. Thanks from ACA108 (Shared Cockpit)

Jan Imhof
January 25, 2020


Had a lot of help from the above ATC when trying to depart CYYZ for CYQB on the 17th December at 18:30 (UK time) Lots of help both on text and voice coms really patient and positive the entire time. Like many others in the CYYZ region he has been amazing.

Richard Parsons
December 17, 2019

Awesome ATC experience at CYYZ

Had a great flight into CYYZ tonight. Was actually mirroring the RL world counterpart and it’s a credit to your great staff that the service was just as professional and helpful. Thanks for helping to make this hobby so immersive.

Chris Romaniello
November 12, 2019

ATC Experience

Operating Air Canada flight 61 from YYZ to ICN. I had to return because I was getting a “Gear Disagree” warning and my landing gear was not retracting. I communicated with the controller, Gary Feddema, about my issue and did all the things my QRH said, even dumping the fuel. To continue the level of… Read more “ATC Experience”

Will Westlake
October 1, 2019

First Flight

Just completed my first VATSIM flight, and wouldn’t you know I lined up at the wrong end of the runway. ATC was very helpful and forgiving. Thanks for the assistance!

Mike Feetham
August 14, 2019

Justin Bailey – Accomodating and friendly

I was having some serious framerate issues on the ground and had to stop for a moment at multiple times to fix settings. Justin was very friendly and accommodating while I was working through these issues. They routed other taxiing traffic around professionally as if this were the real world and my plane had an… Read more “Justin Bailey – Accomodating and friendly”

Logan Serino
March 22, 2019

Awesome ATC Experience

Awesome experience, I had a flight plan issue, Mr McColm not only gave me time to figure it out, but also fixed the FP and gave me a couple of suggestions. Thank you so much for there.

Pranav Chandramouli
February 25, 2019

Superb Expirience

For someone who is only learning his way around speaking with ATC. Flying in and out of Toronto controlled air space is always a pleasure. Everyone I come in contact with is super nice and friendly and makes coming and going easy and effortless with clear and concise instructions. One of my favorite places to… Read more “Superb Expirience”

Sasha Moser
February 23, 2019

Awesome ATC Experience

Always get extreme professional and realistic ATC experience from TOR FIR. Had a great and fantastic flight through Toronto Center with the help of Michael Gagnon.

Alex Gonzalez
February 19, 2019

Thank you!!!

Awesome experience, not only control us, they also help us!!! Always happy to come!!!

Jorge Rodriguez
February 13, 2019

Thank you

Had an issue with my flight (even though failures and not set up) and Lenny Cook (CZYZ) let me sort it out with no pressure, even had suggestions. Thank you for being here.

Gerry Spiers
February 6, 2019

Pure Professionalism

Departed out of Toronto heading to LGA, Jared Commeau was on CYYZ_APP. Crystal clear transmissions, easy to follow directions. Makes the other guys fail in comparison.

Rylie Potter
January 20, 2019

Awesome esperience

Proudn to call Toronto my home airport, arguable some of the best staff on VATSIM, friendly, patient and happy to help. Good job guys from a proud Canadian

Lee Park
December 10, 2018

Excellent TOR_CTR Service!

Some of the best ATC I’ve gotten while /t or /r. I have a newborn baby who I didn’t want to wake up in my tiny apartment, so I had to go /r today. Rob Nabieszko (TOR_CTR) provided EXCELLENT service for the flights I did in his airspace. I enjoyed the service so much I… Read more “Excellent TOR_CTR Service!”

Nick Marcantonio
November 27, 2018

My CTP experience

Awesome ATC today at cross the pont. Departed as non event traffic around 1215z, relatively little taxi time, flawless organization from the team, competent and patient controllers. Never questioned my decision to fly out of YYZ in this event. Thank you!

Klearchos Terpos
October 27, 2018

Professional Service

Travis Chan was nice enough to stay on for my early morning arrival (1:30am local). Professional and efficient service. Always enjoy flying in Toronto airspace and this was no exception.

Justin Lawrence
October 10, 2018

Virtual pilot, virtual air traffic controller, aviation enthusiast who considers ATC as a future career 🙂

although the airspace wasn’t too congested, I loved flying under Travis Chan’s control as TOR_CTR, very nice and helpful attitude, hope you get your C1 soon buddy! I’ll be waiting for your CPT 😉

Omar Emad
August 27, 2018

Independent pilot

Gary Feddema put on a great showing for TOR_CTR. Loved him

Tyler McDonald (WJA261)
August 27, 2018

Excellent Feedback

Excellent ATC Service by TOR_CTR from Travis Chan!

Roy Rodriguez
August 23, 2018

Great Service From TOR_APP

George was very professional and kind. Very good service.

Matthew Kulik
July 19, 2018

Very professional service from TOR_CTR from Rob Nabieszko

Prior to entering Toronto Center Airspace I was asked by TOR_CTR (Rob Nabieszko) to contact him on 125.770. As I did and communicated my altitude and position he very professionally asked me to squawk 0501, soon after which he identified me on his scope. He maintained communication from prior to entering his airspace all the… Read more “Very professional service from TOR_CTR from Rob Nabieszko”

Alex Gonzalez
June 8, 2018

Fantastic ATC during CTP

Fantastic ATC service during cross the pond! Not a single delay!

Tim Rosander
April 14, 2018

vatsim p1/soon to be vatcan s1

Chris is hands down one of if not the best controller I’ve had on VATSIM. Me and my sim buddies will always change our plans if we see him controlling

Riley Wilson
April 11, 2018

Amazing Crew

Toronto Controllers are always polite, friendly, and helpful. My favorite place to fly.

Justin Bailey
April 11, 2018

Best Canadian Controllers

Thanks to all you CYYZ and Canadian controllers.. You guys are the best compared to the US controllers and are very patients and helpful in guiding us new vatsim pilots to an exciting experience online.. See you guys online..

Russell Almeida
April 7, 2018

As always, great Canadian ATC

I’m European and I was flying my world tour. This day was leg from Kansas City (KMCI) to Toronto Pearson (CYYZ). There was online ATC at Toronto Center, staffed by Tomas Hansson. I want to thank him for great ATC, fully professional ATC all the way down to the Toronto. Thanks for Canadian ATC, they… Read more “As always, great Canadian ATC”

Jedrzej Hryhorowicz
March 25, 2018

Will be back to fly when Chris is controlling

Great Service with Chris on CTR CYYZ was pretty busy While I was Departing Handle everything very well and smooth Give him a Raise! I will be back to fly in his airspace real soon!

Brandon Vita
February 10, 2018

Superb job on the YYZ event.

Superb job on the YYZ event. Everyone I talked to was friendly and very professional. It was a perfectly orchestrated event and there wasn’t any issues from my end getting out. 5 out of 5!

ROU1683 - JoshM
January 18, 2018

Outstanding job with the FNO event tonight.

Outstanding job with the FNO event tonight. My first time flying into CYYZ and everyone did a superb job. Particular standouts were Ryan Miltenberger (Tower South) and Dominic Temple (Apron), but truly everyone was friendly, efficient, and professional. Nice work, guys. I’ll definitely come back for the next one.

Rob Shearman Jr
January 18, 2018


Shoutout to Kristian McColm, Mark Trumble and Steve Oster, great service and patience! Was having a little trouble with the accent as it’s my first time in Canada with ATC (despite being on VATSIM for years), but they were all kind enough. 10/10 will fly here again! Keep up the great work guys, you were… Read more “Shoutout…”

Hoo Jiong Sheng
January 4, 2018


I’d like to congratulate the strength and professionalism of Michael Gagnon who controlled TOR_CTR 12.29.17. All what can i say, not everyone polish person is like that KLM. TOR always prepared 🙂

Adam Kruk
December 29, 2017

Amazing place to fly all around…

Amazing place to fly all around, controllers are friendly and patient. Very nice all around!

Baruch Avigdor
November 16, 2017

As always, it’s a pleasure to fly in and out of Toronto…

As always, it’s a pleasure to fly in and out of Toronto. I would like to give a kudos to George Gyftonicolos as GND. Remained professional and made transmission smooth. Keep it up! -WJA1230

November 16, 2017

I always enjoy flying through Toronto…

I always enjoy flying through Toronto. Congrats to Dean Roy, Jared Powers and Chris Turcot (hope he earned his rating).

Marcelo Duran
September 14, 2017

I enjoy flying through Toronto because…

I enjoy flying through Toronto because of the amazing ATC service I receive there. Just wanted to compliment Dean Roy, Lex Reid, and Zaid Al-Shammaa for their excellent service.

August 19, 2017