This section was created to provide all sim pilots with the information they need to fly in and out of the Toronto Flight Information Region. Within these pages contain resources and information including charts, scenery recommendations, airlines, gate and VATSIM METAR information.

Airlines, Gates & Destinations

Use this resource to learn what terminal each airline parks at and the destinations flown to.

Weather & Active Runway Information

Click to see the current weather conditions and active/recommended runways for all airports managed by the Virutal Toronto FIR.

Airport Charts

Access this area to download all airport charts managed by the Virtual Toronto FIR.

Pre-Delivery Clearance Instructions

Virtual Toronto FIR supports Pre-Delivery Clearances (PDC). If you're a pilot looking to save time and increase your realisim, these procedures will take your simulation to the next level.

Software & Scenery

Looking for free or recommended scenery for the Toronto area? This section contains the resources you are looking for, click to learn more.